Our story

damascus chef knife

Nine Fingers Forge was created out of a true devotion to quality and craftsmanship.

Our blade-smith and founder James Taylor, discovered his passion for knives in childhood.

This passion, paired with a history of competitive cooking and an obsession for crafting to perfection, led to Nine Fingers Forge, being born in a rustic workshop in Brisbane, Australia.

For several years James has worked on refining his hand forged knives with an acute attention to detail.

Developing his own signature style, which includes mixtures of meticulously selected natural timbers, resins and steel.

Believing that blade smithing is both an art and a science, he has worked to perfect every element from the ergonomics of the handles, to the geometry of the blade. To ensure a perfectly balanced and comfortable knife, with the sharpest cutting edge.

Nine Fingers Forge knives have been developed with the user in mind and each generation of knives have been tried and tested with chefs, home cooks and butchers to ensure both durability and precision in all environments.

You may notice that at this stage, all ten fingers are accounted for.

Give it time…